Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Mediator Series Review

The Mediator series is a six book series by Meg Cabot about Suze Simon, a 16 year-old girl who can see ghosts.
First off, if you think the author's name looks familiar, it probably does. If you saw the Disney movie The Princess Diaries, she wrote the books the movies are based off of.
She does a really good job with this series. She's established her rules right away. Suze is a mediator and her job is to help ghosts move on from our world. Suze can see and feel ghosts just like they're real people. She can't walk through them.
Cabot also does a great job of establishing how the ghosts work. They've all got something that's holding them back from going to heaven, or hell, or where ever you think people go after they die. Whether its the RLS angels in Reunion wanting their killer to suffer the consequence or Jesse looking for love, Suze has to help these ghosts move on.
One thing that bothered me just a bit was Paul. He's introduced in the forth book, but doesn't become a major player until the fifth one. He's a mediator like Suze, and Cabot used Paul to introduce all these rules that hadn't been there. Like time traveling and switching spirits out of bodies.
But, these books have a good balance of paranormal, adventure, and romance. It's well balanced, and well planned out. Even though, just like any other book series, I was sad to finish it, but she finishes things, and leaves the reader wishing for more. Don't you just hate it when they do that? 


Qui said...

I love that series!! But I just realized I never read book 6! Must do that..