Friday, February 18, 2011

On Psychics and Premonitions
In your future I see...

What's your view on psychics and clairvoyants? People who have that sixth sense to see beyond, and being able to predict the future with accuracy. Is it all just myths and legends, or is there any truth behind the stories?

While doing some research for this post, I found a site where people shared the "psychic experiences." I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but give a chuckle to some of the things that were said. Almost insane claims are made by people who believe they have a sixth sense.

But is their any truth to this? Or is it the human mind playing tricks on us? Sometimes I do admit I get a strong sense of deja vu. Something I do or see seems so familiar, though I know I've never seen it before.

One thing I love is reading a story with psychics. I enjoy seeing what an author does with the concept. For a new novel idea I have, I'm thinking of putting a psychic element into it. It's important that a physic in a novel has limitations. What can he/she see? People? Events? How far into the future can she see? Is it short term? Or a long term more like a prophecy telling psychic? All of these are important in developing your psychics.

On another note, while I was thinking of what to write for this post, a story popped into my head that happened years ago, and now I feel the need to share. It's going to start of sounding random, but I have a point, I swear.

Remember The Suite Life of Zach and Cody? The real one in the hotel, not the new one where they're on a boat. Well, I loved that show. My sister and I used to debate which one was cuter. They're identical twins, lol. I loved Mattie and London and everything about that show.

One night I had a dream, and Mattie was the rich one and London was the poor one, and both girl's personalities were totally reversed. Mattie was walking around in the high heels and the sparkly pink dress and everything.

I woke up, and remember thinking "what a weird dream." Why the heck would I be dreaming that? Then maybe a week or two later, an ad comes on Disney channel, advertising an episodewhere Zack and Cody get transported to an alternate universe and Mattie is rich and London is poor. Just like my dream!

It was weird.

As for believing in psychics or not, I'm skeptical. I believe that most "psychic experiences" are just coincidences of the mind.

Either way-- they're certainly fun to read about. And reading the testimonies can be quite amusing, ha!


Kate Anders said...

first off...i love london!!!!!! she is hilarious :D i never watched the one where they were in the hotel but i did watch the boat one. anyway... i get psychic dreams like that a lot. it kinda creeps me out. but it's also really cool. i've predicted the outcomes of football games and stuff like that. they haven't come recently probably 'cause i'm so tired and everything...