Monday, February 14, 2011

Nella's Manic Monday
Tips & Tricks--Exploring Paranormal Relationships

Paranormal is a genre with many subgenres. Romance seems to be the most popular subgenre out there. I must admit, I’m more of a paranormal adventure kind of girl. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy any paranormal romance. I enjoy it as along as is well done.
Here are a few tips and observations:
1.      Take it slow. This is my biggest issue with paranormal romance—actually romance in general. I don’t care how supernatural or paranormal your characters are, people do not fall in love after two weeks of meeting each other. Set a rule or a time line, please. I heard it takes at least two months for someone to fall in love. If you make it slower, it’ll be more realistic and your readers will appreciate that.

2.      This is more of an observation than anything else, but I noticed—humans and humans never seem to get together. Or ghost and ghost getting together doesn’t happen much either. I just think it’d be cool to break the barriers.

3.      Best friends never get girl, or do they? I’ve noticed that too. When there’s a love triangle and the best guy friend gets involved in it…well, they never get the girl. It’s a sad truth since I enjoy best friend romance.

4.      It seems that in paranormal relationships (not all, but some) they just jump up to the loving and we’re dating part. This goes back to slowing it down, I like to see the ups and downs, the wooing, the dates, the flowers, the tears, everything.

Well, that’s all guys; I hope you had a great Valentine’s Days!