Sunday, January 30, 2011

All about Sharon (and Schnooki)

What first got you into writing? Was there anything that sparked your curiosity?

My dad used to read fables to me as a young child and I loved it. He also created a picture book for my sister and me about a red haired bunyip. As a teenager I wrote some poems and short stories. Then when I went to university I studied literature, plays and journalism. The first proper thing I wrote was a play that was a way to help me deal with a death of a friend. After that I just kept writing as ideas came knocking.

What is your favorite genre to write and why?

To be honest I don't really have a set favourite genre to write. My YA stories are Speculative Fiction, Urban Mythology, Steampunk/Dystopian, Utopian, Science Fiction and General Fiction. My short stories lean towards horror and supernatural.

What gives you your inspiration? Do ideas just pop into your head, or do you sit down and focus before getting a great idea?

I am a day dreamer and a lateral thinker, so initial concepts just pop into my head. My main WIP, Dirty Rainbow, came to me when I was thinking about genetics and how I managed to end up with blue eyed boys when my eyes are hazel. That got me thinking about a whole bunch of other things, like the theory of adaption and then *bam* Dirty Rainbow was born.

What's the main reason you love reading/writing?

I love story telling. When I write I want to create something that keeps the reader guessing. At first I just wrote for a close friend, who I call my muse. I wanted to entertain her with my stories. I love reading and trying to work out the ending, which is why I'm drawn to paranormal, supernatural and speculative fiction. There is normally a twist at the end.

Do you plan out the plot and characters of your stories before writing? Or do you improvise and write as you go?

I usually know the basic ending and some of the plot, but that's  about it. The story and characters direct me as I go. Sometimes that means I have to go back and modify earlier parts of the story, but it's what works for me.

Do you ever want to travel to America?

I would love to visit my friends in America one day.

Can Laura come live with you in Australia?

LOL - no. I have a full house already.

What are some of the biggest difference you see between Americans and Aussies. Whether in the media, in literature, or just in general/culture wise. And can Marisa come stay with you too?

Literature wise we are dominated by the American market. An editor at an Australian arm of an international publishing firm told me that we are publishing less Australian books. I find that quite sad. It's also hard to get an agent in Australia because the market is so small. The Australia agents have to work so hard, and I really admire them. A lot of them aren't open for unsolicated submissions, especially in YA, which makes it even harder for me. But Aussies can still submit to a lot of overseas agents as well. I'd just love an agent who is passionate about my work, whether Australian, American or British.

Schnooki is unimpressed at the thought of
sharing her room with Marisa
Marisa I could ask my cats if you could sleep in their room. =P

Computer or paper?

Both. I write notes on paper, and sometimes parts of the actaul story. Then I flesh it out on the computer. I really want an iPad.

Favorite animal?



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