Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ask the Gang!

We know you're all dying to meet the gang, right? Some of you know us, or at least one of us, while some of you probably don't have a clue. We're readers and writers, and that's probably all you know, save what's on our bios, are we right? 

Well, here's your chance to get to know us! Post below with any and all questions you have, from our favorite colors to our favorite books to something completely off topic. Whatever you want, you can ask. Ask Sharon what her favorite hobby is. Or ask Nella what music she listens to. Or Laura what habits she has when she writes. Does Evie like eggs? Does Marisa hate eggs? Anything and everything!

Starting January 26th-January 30th, we'll answer your questions, each of us with our own Q&A's (see the calendar). And on the 31st, launch day eve!, we'll answer any group/overall questions you've asked. Depending on the number of questions, we may not be able to answer them all, or we'll combine some, but the more questions asked, the better! We want you involved, after all. :) 

Ask away! We want the page a mile long with questions!


Munch said...

Oh! So cool! Ok, what first got each of you into writing? Was there anything that sparked your curiosity in writing?

Paige said...

Hmm, I'm not sure who exactly who to ask this question to so I guess it's directed towards the whole Gang-
What is your favorite genre of writing? Why do you like it so much?
Paige <3

Paige said...

And to Evie- Since you have a twin, I wanted to ask you this question.
Does your sister like writing too? Do people get you mixed up a lot?

Maybe that would be a good and bad thing sometimes lol.
Paige <3

Arianna said...

Are any of y'all Trekkies?

Oh, and are any of you published writers?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the questions guys, keep them coming. We'll be answering them all this week!

Anonymous said...

You know I can't help myself.
Evie, do you like eggs? :P

Jen said...

Hi Evie, Laura, Marisa, Nella, Sharon,

Ok, a question for each of you (because I'm demanding and nosey like that):
What gives you your isnpiration for writing? Do ideas just pop into your head or do you sit down and focus before getting a great idea?

Thanks ladies,

Jen :)

Kristen said...

Do any of you guys have a Nook Book, ipad, or Amazon Kindle?? I'm "investigating" a Kindle right now, because I'm considering buying one. I figured you guys might know since this blog is mainly about reading, and of course writing.

Marisa said...

Great questions, everyone! Keep them coming! :D

brookie. said...

For all Treehouse members:
What's the main reason you love reading/writing?
For Marisa:
What do you like better, dancing or writing?
For Sharon:
Do you ever want to travel to America?
For Laura:
Whats your favorite cheese? :D
For Nella:
Tumblr of blogger? What do you like better and why?
For Evie:
How did you make this AMAZING template?? (you don't have to answer it step by step I just want a basic answer)
There ya go!!! Love this blog!!!!

Munch said...

I just thought of another question! Which do you guys prefer to use when writing, a computer or paper and a pen?

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

Hi! I just found this site and I love it! Its like a dream come true for a writer :)
Here's my question.
Do you guys plan out the plot and characters of your stories before you get down to writing? Or do you improvise and write as you go?
I can't wait for you answers!
Oh and, what are your favorite animals/or ideal pets?

Evie J said...

Laura, you're super into crime shows. What are your favorite TV shows and do they impact your stories?

Marisa, do you have any pets? If so, which ones? If not, what's your dream pet?

Sharon, you live in a beautiful part of Australia. Does that impact your writing at all?

Andrea, what's your dream vacation?

Paige said...

I thought of another question directed towards all of you.. How did you guys come up with this amazing blog? What gave you the idea? (other than you all being amazing writers, lol.)
I can't wait for all of your answers to everyone's questions!
Paige <3

Anonymous said...

Evie: I'm so tempted to ask "soda" or "pop." What do you like to do when you write, do you have to multi-task, or have total silence?
Marisa: Did the Wicked song really inspire the title for "Dancing Through Life?" Or was there more to it?
Nella: Did you come up with the original idea for the Somnies?
Sharon: Can I come live with you in Australia? :)

Marisa said...

Nella: What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Sharon: What are some of the biggest difference you see between Americans and Aussies. Whether in the media, in literature, or just in general/culture wise.

Also, do I have a place to stay when I come visit one day? LOL

Evie: Tell me about the scariest Kansas Dorothy-like tornado you've been through, if any.

Laura: What are some things you love about living in Texas? Things you hate?

Paige said...

This is probably too late but.. Marisa, what is your favorite type of dance that you do?