Thursday, January 27, 2011

Q&A with Evie
Hey, guys! I'm Evie (duh!), and I'm answering your questions! Yay! There was one question I had to omit for personal reasons, though. I'm sorrrry! :\ To you who asked it, check my short story section on my blog ("You'll Never Know," it's called). All right, on to questions!

What first got you into writing? Was there anything that sparked your curiosity?
I started writing during a time when a friend and I were reading a ton of supernatural series. The idea came at random while I was at her house, literally just came from nowhere, and I said, “Let’s write a book!” She said, “All right,” and we did. From then on, I was in love with writing.

What is your favorite genre to write and why?
I don’t have a favorite anymore. Initially, I loved supernatural and paranormal, but once I started writing dystopian and contemporary, I fell in love with those as well. For me, as long as I love the story, the genre doesn’t matter.

What gives you your inspiration? Do ideas just pop into your head, or do you sit down and focus before getting a great idea?

Ideas just come, sometimes too quickly for me to keep up. The characters come and talk to me, as weird as that sounds, and if the story sticks in my head all day or longer, then I know it's one I want to keep going with. As for inspiration, though, there is none for me. I have absolutely no idea what keeps me going.

What's the main reason you love reading/writing?

It’s a chance to leave reality and jump into someone else’s story. Different worlds, different people, different situations that I’ll (most likely) never have to deal with. It’s a chance to escape, and there’s nothing better than that, in my opinion.

Do you plan out the plot and characters of your stories before writing? Or do you improvise and write as you go?

I’m definitely an outliner. I have “Chapter Cheat Sheets” for every book. Of course, though, my characters like to change things every once in a while, so if that happens, I just change the outline. But I could never just sit down and write. I need direction and to know if my plot points happen at the right times.

Do you like eggs?
Laura, NO! I do NOT like eggs! Blech! Nor anything else (food or drink) that stinks or smells weird.

What do you like to do when you write, do you have to multi-task, or have total silence?
Complete silence and either a bed or desk. I rock back and forth sometimes. Completely strange, I know, but I can’t help it. And I have to be focused and in the moment or I can’t do anything. It's never writer's block that slows me down. It's my mental state and environment.

How did you make this template?
I knew this question was coming. :) Well, it is hard for me to explain because I don’t even know how I did some of it. But I started it back in November. Everything was drawn by hand, then I uploaded scans onto the computer, and then colored them. I wanted it to be fun and something no one else could replicate. The Treehouse Gang is different so I wanted our design to be different too.

Tell us about the scariest Kansas Dorothy-like tornado you've been through, if any.
Haha! Didn’t expect this question. Love ya, Marisa! But the scariest one would have to be the one from 2002. It went down my street and destroyed so many houses. I remember my dad filmed the aftermath as soon as it was done. It took until just a couple years ago for all the damage to get fixed. One of my friends’ bedrooms was completely torn apart (she lived on the top floor of her house) and so many I went to school with had to borrow clothes and supplies for weeks. So sad. :( Luckily, not many were injured.

Computer or paper?
Computer. I can’t stand writing out stories because then I have to type them. That’s double the work and I’m way too lazy to do it. Haha! And I can type faster than I write. If I write fast, then my handwriting is terrible and I can't read it.

Favorite Animal?
Elephants! And Laura’s going to have the same answer, but I LOVED ‘EM FIRST! Collected them since I was two and have too many to count. Love elephants!

Yay! So that's me...kind of. :) Hope y'all have a good day!


Marisa said...

That's so scary! :o
Tornadoes freak me out!

Rose Aimee said...

That picture at the bottom is just adorable!

Paige said...

Woah you draw your blog layout? that's soo cool! You must be an amazing artist!

Lala said...

You've only liked elephants longer than me, because when you were two, I wasn't even born!

Evie J said...

@Mairsa: I know! *shivers*
@Rosiee: Thank you! :)
@Paige: haha! Not really. :P But thank you!
@Laura: MUAHAHA!

Arianna said...

Gosh you're pretty Evie. Wow, I have to say you girls are very good looking!! YOu seem really awesome too!

Evie J said...

haha! Thanks! That picture was an accident, though. :P But thank you.

Nella Rosmarino said...

Woo! =D