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1. Who are you and why did you create this site?
We're a group of friends from all over the US and Australia, who share the same interests: Reading and writing Young Adult books. We enjoy blogging and review both published books and works in progress, so we thought, What better way to do that than to create a site? We wanted it to be inviting and fun and different, and voila! The Treehouse Gang was formed.

2. Can you explain the submission details?
Every weekend we (including you) will have a chance to review a submission. The first week of every month is for pitches, the second is short stories, the third is first chapters, and the fourth is for an excerpt of your choice. Each submission must correspond to the month's genre. Paranormal month? Paranormal submissions.

You have five days to submit your piece of the week (Sunday-Thursday), and the submission is chosen at random on Friday. To submit, email us with your work in the BODY of the message, in this format:
Name: (You do NOT have to use your real name.)
Submission: (E.g. Paranormal Short Story)
Entry: (Post your entry here.)

You may submit more than one entry separately (two or more different emails), and your entries must be 2,500 words or less. If you have a longer submission, check with one of us. We will have exceptions.

If you still have any questions, feel free to post below or send an email. If you forget, the details are always on the side of the homepage.

3. Can't someone steal my work?
By law you own everything you write. We will add the copyright symbol to your work. Everything you write belongs to you and only you.

4. Can we submit every week? Even if we're chosen before?
If your submission is chosen, to be fair, we ask that you don't submit for the remainder of the month, but you may again the next month.

5. How can we enter the monthly giveaways?
This information will always be posted during the month. Sometimes there may be rules, sometimes there may be contests. It will vary depending on the giveaway, so always remember to check the calendar to see when the next giveaway is coming up.

6. Who designed the blog?
Treehouse Gang Member Evie did. It took her a while, but she made it.

7. Do we have a limit on how long our critiques/reviews must be on Submission Saturday?
No. Go into as much detail as possible, or as little as you want. We will provide an outline for anyone who has trouble reviewing in every post. You're welcome to use it, or use your own. Critique sessions are for all of us to learn to take and give constructive criticism.

8. I have a suggestion for the site. Can I tell you?
Sure. You can always email us, Tweet us, drop a line on Facebook, or post around the site. We read everything and listen to everything. Sometimes we can't do everything we're asked, but we do take it all into consideration.

9. I don't write paranormal/general fiction/mystery/_______. What do I do?
We will eventually tackle all genres from non-fiction to horror to dystopian to fantasy. So don't worry. You can still join in on the fun during the critique sessions.

10. I don't write YA. I only read. What can I do on the site?
You're just a reader? Perfect! Writers need reviews from solely readers just as much as they do from other writers. You can participate in the critique sessions and pitch sessions too. As well as the giveaways and read our book reviews and tell us whether you agree or not.

Post below if you have more questions! :)